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A Smoke CUSTOM Hackamore
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A Smoke CUSTOM Hackamore

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Make up your Dream CUSTOM Complete Hackamore Set includes an all natural color beautifully hand braided 16 plait 5/8" All rawhide core (no cable core) rawhide bosal w/Hermann Oak 5/8" harness or Black browband with traditional fiador (throat latch) and mecate.

Mecate styles- Alpaca, Mane Horse Hair, Nylon or Cotton (1/2in.). Mecates are 5/8" - 22' long, Beautiful Quality hand braided feel and communication on Alpaca and mane hair, but Alpaca is much easier/softer on the hands, especially the rider with a softer grip. The Alpaca fibers used in these Mecates are grown on a family ranch in South East Colorado. The Alpacas are shorn each year and the fibers are processed in the U.S. Each piece is hand made by these artists to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of each Mecate. Alpaca has pretty much the same body and feel as the good mane hair mecates. These are the best we have found braided in the old California Vaquero style. This Hackamore features our best quality all rawhide core bosal; a beautiful piece of "Old Style" rawhide braiding.

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