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You will find here a Breast Collar for every need, from trail riding to performance. You will see many old styles coming into use because of their great over the shoulder fit, from Pulling to Old Martingale/Choker fits. Becoming very popular are all the Over the Neck/Wither Breast collar straps to make any Collar fit up in the correct position. We now offer many styles in black. Call, email or comment to request black or if you have questions. See all our How to Videos for your best fit.

Customer Testimonial-

"I just thought you would like to know how good the quality of your leather is! I was going thru a box of leather that has been sitting in the top shelf of the tack room for over 22 years. As I was taking out the bad leather and conditioning the good leather for a keep/tack repair box I found an old black/red cinch breast collar. The cinches were completely gone but the "leather looked really good". I removed the leather and was conditioning it. right in the middle of this breast plate was a stamp Buckaroo Leather. Now that is quality leather".......Cher Fayter

A Vintage Bridle/Breast Collar set

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A Vintage Bridle/Breast Collar set Beautiful bridle leather tear drop headstall with matching scalloped breast collar. 
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