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A Loping Soft Nose Hackamore
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A Loping Soft Nose Hackamore

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This is our quality AMERICAN made western Hermann oak leather hackamore Loping SOFT NOSE bridle you hear about from the cutters, reiners natural horsemanship trainers, all wanting some relief for their horses from the bit! We are honored that world known clinician Mark Rashid uses this bridle on his own horses during clinics.

This bridle is a must have for anyone wanting to use a bitless bridle for some bit relief.

Many are riding full time in this now!

This is a round SOFT NOSE rope caveson hackamore designed to give relief from the bit and around your horse's nose and, because it is round, it works like a sidepull/hackamore combo. The rein and caveson are all one piece of MARINE YACHT rope with a leather wrap under the chin binding it all together. IT DOES NOT SLIP OR TIGHTEN UNDER THE CHIN!!!

Or add Rawhide to the nose for a firmer feel and control. The rein is a split rein 8' long with leather poppers.

The bridle features our working 5/8" harness leather double cheek adjustment headstall with a hand braided fiador (throat latch), which is adjustable to hold the hack in the proper position.

Reins are 5/8"- 8' Nylon marine yacht rope with leather poppers.

Check our headstall SIZING small and large at beginning of the headstall category just CLICK HERE





Customer Reviews:

equestrian57@gmail.com  (Tuesday, 06 May 2014)
Rating: 0
I received the hackamore on Friday and was able to ride with it Saturday and Sunday. First of all, it is freakin' gorgeous! Second of all, my horse
goes wonderfully in it. We've ridden with a bitless bridle for several years, so the "no bit" part wasn't an issue. He seems to go so well
in this, just a very light touch needed. Can do everything, including backing up and side-passing with just a lift of the reins. I love it!

debbielindley@hotmail.com  (Tuesday, 29 October 2013)
Rating: 0
rnI was so excited to receive this! Not only is it an awesome piece of tack, the quality is exceptional! rnI prefer it to riding in a rope halter any
day.rnIt's nicely balanced and allows a great feel between me and my horse.rnIn short,it's fit for a purpose, my horse is comfortable,the
communication is great and the icing on the cake is....it looks awesome!rn