Interviews with the Leading Horse Clinicians in the Horse Industry

Hear training tips from top horse trainers such as Richard Winters, Mark Bolender, Michaella Walker, and Justin Dunn


Richard Winters Horsemanship Interview

Click here for an Interview with Richard Winters, world renowned Clinician and Natural Horsemanship Trainer. Richard shares his wisdom regarding the necessity of listening to your horse and using the proper equipment for success and safety.


Buckaroo Leather was proud to make these custom leather chaps for Richard Winters. He donated his chaps to a charity auction for returning veterans and Buckaroo Leather just could not have him "chapless" so we replicated his auctioned chaps.



Be sure to watch Richard Winters Horsemanship On HRTV. Season Four Begins in April of 2013. It will air on Dish Network HRTV, Channel 404. These shows can be seen every Tuesday at 4:00PM in the west and 7:00PM in the east. "We invite you to check it out and tell us what you think and please don't forget to tell a friend!"...Richard Winters



Mark Bolender of Mark Bolender Horse Park Interview



Click here for an interview with Mark Bolender of Bolender Horse Park. He is a nationally recognized horseman and instructor.

He is also the country’s leading expert in Mountain Trail, Extreme Trail, and Competitive Trail, and a three-time National Grand Champion.



Do you Extreme Trail? How about a Mountain Trail Challenge. Join Bolender Horse Park for their Trail Challenge 2013. Dates are May 26th, June 23rd, July 21st, August 25th, and September 15th

(pictured above is a competitor at the first challenge on April 14th)



Custom made by Buckaroo Leather, Quality Leather Headstalls with special engraved conchas with the Mark Bolender Initials.

They will be the awards for the Extreme Trail Challenge.



Michaella Walker Natural Horsemanship Trainer Interview


Click here for an Interview with Michaella Walker, Natural Horsemanship trainer and Bit-less Bridle expert.

Michaella share her reason for training the horse with a more natural approach and showing others how to be The Alpha Mare



Miss Michaella Walker warming up in the Buckaroo Leather Soft Nose Loping Hackamore for her Bitless clinic at the Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo. Watch a video here....



Michaella Walker at her Bitless Clinic at the Hoosier Horse Fair ...she is using the Buckaroo Leather Soft Nose Loping Hackamore



Justin Dunn Horsemanship Interview

Click here for an Interview with Justin Dunn, from Colorado, discussing the key to successful training and communicating with

Horses and especially the American Mustang.