Where is the Buckaroo Leather Roadshow Rumbling Up to Next?

The Buckaroo Leather Roadshow is on the road again with our Buckaroo Leather Wagon stocked full of quality leather horse tack manufactured right here in America. See where the Buckaroo Leather Roadshow will be in 2014





Cowboy Dressage Circuit Finals

hosted by Cowboy Dressage World

November 15th - 16th 2014

Murieta Equestrian Center in Rancho Murieta. California


Cowboy Dressage is becoming a very popular discipline in the equine world. It is Eitan Beth Halachmy vision that this be a western discipline that is enhanced by dressage, not ruled by it. The tests are very western. Like the early west the rules are simple and the freedom abundant. It is based on release, not contact. Soft Feel, founded by great horseman of the past is Cowboy Dressage™’s core. It is the goal of Cowboy Dressage™ to promote and teach that in a competition atmosphere.

This competition is created for those cowboys and cowgirls who longed for a place to hang your hat and live and ride the western traditions. It is Eitan's hope that each of the participants will embrace this new division. It offers a place for the “partnership” to be rewarded more than the “maneuver” and the well being of the horse and rider are held in the highest regard. If you ride the trials, the range, the rodeo or the dressage court you have a place to explore and grow with Cowboy Dressage™.