Cowboy Dressage Horse Tack feed

Cowboy Dressage is an extremely popular horse event and equine discipline in the equine world. Cowboy Dressage was created by horse trainer Eitan Beth Halachmy. The Cowboy Dressage discipline is a beautiful blend of Traditional Western Horsemanship and Classical Dressage.

"Cowboy Dressage....when dressage suits your needs, but a stetson fits your blending both disciplines and taking the best from both. The rider becomes more educated, patient, and understanding. Allowing for the partnership between horse and rider to bloom.....that partnership being the goal of all good horseman and horsewoman."......Eitan Beth Halachmy

Buckaroo Leather is honored to have Cowboy Dressage endorse Buckaroo Leather Products Horse Tack. We are looking forward to working with highly respected cowboy dressage trainers Debbie and Eitan Beth Halachmy and Vaquero horseman and trainer Jeff Sanders to hand craft quality cowboy dressage designed bridle sets and Vaquero designed horse tack.



Cowgirl Dressage ladies getting outfitted by Buckaroo Leather Products...You know that Mule knows he's looking good!!


Cowboy Dressage Trainer Debbie Beth Halachmy's horse wearing the Cowboy Dressage gear....

bitless my friends.....your horse will love you!!!

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Cowboy Dressage Bridle Custom


We can design your dream Cowboy Dressage Bridle.Just give me a call 530-545-0139.
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Cowboy Dressage Rein


Top Quality Western dressage Reins that are made in our shop in AMERICA! These Dressage Reins are 10 ft. long in a 1/2" rolled width and are made from the finest heavy weight Hermann Oak Rolled (rounded) leather.
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