Mecate Set LH2281MSCMecate Sheekaroo mane Hair

Mecate Sheekaroo Mane Hair
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Mecate Sheekaroo Mane Hair

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These top notch 4th generation Mecate Makers from the Idaho Owyhee desert have kept the family art of Mecate making going by making these traditional type Mecates with a little twist,  Sheekaroo colors. They make all of their Mecates by hand from horse mane hair only, and do not believe in using cores of any kind in the center. They stay with their Grandmother's traditions from the early 1900's. All of their ropes are one of a kind, no two are exactly alike. They believe horse mane is the best for their ropes because it is soft, and easy to work with. No two mecates will be exactly alike so they come as close to these color combinations as possible.

Mecates have evolved to be a popular piece of horse gear and an art form for cowboys and buckaroos all over the world, especially in the Great Basin. Mecates are used for lead ropes or tie ropes or some call them get down lines, snaffle bit reins and leads, two-reins, or bosals/hackamore reins. Many people collect them to look at, or use them as home decoration.

Color- Hippy Chick Sheekaroo. Need more lead time on these and remember there are no two exactly alike.




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