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Loping Sidepull HackamoreMane Hair Mecate L506H

Loping Hackamore/Bitless Bridle w/ Leather Reins
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Loping Hackamore/Bitless Bridle w/ Leather Reins

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This is the quality AMERICAN made western leather hackamore bridle you hear about from the natural horsemanship trainers. We are honored that world known clinician Mark Rashid uses this bridle on his own horses during clinics. This bridle is a must have if you are a cutter or anyone wanting to use a bitless bridle. This is a round rawhide braided caveson hackamore designed to fit your horse's nose and, because it is round, it works like a sidepull/bitless/hackamore combo. It has multiple points to attach a headstall and reins on both sides for best communication. This bridle has our working 3/4" Hermann Oak harness leather double cheek adjustment headstall with a hand braided fiador (throat latch), which is adjustable to hold the fine quality braided rawhide noseband-caveson in position. This bridle also has our fine heavy Hermann Oak harness leather split reins. These Reins offer the Best Feel & Communication between you and your Horse....Bar None!



Customer Reviews:  (Tuesday, 11 October 2011)
Rating: 5
I bought one of these to replace the rope halter I was riding with. The halter gave me great lateral control, but didn't stay in place well on those
rare occasions I needed more pressure. It was good, but not perfect. The Loping Hackamore completes the concept. It gave me everything the rope
halter did, plus more. From the first ride, my finished mare worked beautifully in it.Fast forward to my other mare (a rescue) that I had struggled
with for some time. There was just something wrong. She didn't rein well and didn't stop, even stopping from a walk took a lot of pressure. She
would stiffen and keep right on going. I tried everything I could think of. Other than this problem, this little mare was perfect. It gave every
indication of being a training issue. This was frustrating because she didn't seem to be able to learn. The other day, I put the loping hackamore on
her, instead of a halter or snaffle. About 1/4 mile down the road, she let out this big sigh. She then dropped her head (which wasn't high in the
first place) and her whole body relaxed. The best part, when I took the slack out of the reins and said "Whoa", she stopped. When I asked her to
back up, she dropped her head, rounded her back, and said, "How far?". Evidently the snaffle caused her pain--even though she eagerly opened her
mouth when being bridled and gave no sign of discomfort. The rope halter must have also hit her high enough on her face to cause the same pain
whenever it would ride up from pressure. This hackamore doesn't ride up--she found it perfect.The vet has been through her mouth on several occasions
and we can't find an issue. But, the horse is always right. This mare goes in the Buckaroo Loping Hackamore from now on.