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AAA Wade Buckaroo Ranch Saddle
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AAA Wade Buckaroo Ranch Saddle

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Price: $3 450.00

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Buckaroo Leather is proud to introduce our hand bench made Wade Post saddle. We have been working on this for awhile now with a saddle maker with over 25 years experience in saddle design, custom fitting of horse and rider, hand tooling, carving, and construction! SAVE ON  FREE shipping, see below!

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The materials which go into the making of Buckaroo Leather Tack and Saddles and the craftsmanship employed in its making are elements of the highest importance. You could have no higher guarantee of quality and workmanship than the name Buckaroo Leather upon your Tack and saddles. It represents an organization proud of its establishment in 1979, and ever since catering to horseman and women with two generations of experience and knowledge applied in the making of riding equipment to the most exacting standards. And rest assured you will receive the most value for your money spent.



Our trees are AAA Premium Quality.

BARS: Bowden Style Arizona Bars made with tight grain and greater tensile strength from high elevation Colorado Pines. Sewn with the best hides and rawhide lace available. The gullets and cantels are hand nailed.

Trees are left to dry naturally and slower to help avoid twist and warp. All trees are assembled in jigs for greater accuracy. The bars are shaped by computerized machines to tolerances of .003”. This brings more symmetry and precision to these top quality trees. After years of experience we have selected the bar measurements that seem to fit the widest variety of horses.

No saddle has yet to be returned for causing saddle sores on a horse or breakage. Remember, no one saddle will fit all horses. If you feel your horse may have problems fitting a tree, mention this before you order your saddle. We can help.  Our Arizona bars of the tree have a good amount of flair at the front, below the swells (Not all do), giving the shoulders more freedom. In general, the bottom sides of the bars have a lot of bearing surface and one mitered stirrup slot each side just back of the swells, so the bars are the thickest and strongest at stress points.

All good ranch and roping saddles have AZ bars. Some folks feel that you have a closer fit to the horse's back and possibly avoid some soreness from the stirrup leathers by having two stirrup slots recessing the leathers better (we have never had soaring problems with our AZ bars).



The front rigging rings are provided by Bork Saddlery Hardware of Pendleton Oregon. Made from #70 manganese bronze alloy. Special orders can substitute stainless steel hardware. The main thing we strive for is American made, high quality hardware. We use top grade Blevins Buckles for the stirrups. All hardware including the smallest buckles we use are top quality either brass or stainless steel.

Leather: Hermann Oak AAA grade skirting,

It is finished with hand rubbed 100% pure neatsfoot oil. Listen to why Hermann Oak is The best available Bar None!

OPTIONS- 1) AS PICTURED- The swells, back jockeys and half-covered stirrups are stamped with a traditional geometric box stamp giving it a traditional “waffle” look. And the rest of the saddle is Rough Out with a “wavy river” border stamp around edges; it has a look similar to a rope design.

OPTION- 2) All Rough Out.

OPTION- 3) All Smooth out (grain out).


EXTRA Features at no charge-

Your Cliff Wade Post (sometimes called slick or A fork) saddle has a 7/8 plate rigging that is installed on the tree with stainless steel screws and pilot drilled holes to eliminate any splitting in the tree. We have never had a rigging pulled out of one of our saddles!

100% wool sherling we use to line the skirts is from ¾” to 1” thick. The skirts are properly plugged & contoured to help displace weight across a wider area of your horses back helping to avoid pressure points.

The swells, back jockeys and half-covered stirrups are stamped with a traditional geometric box stamp giving it a traditional “waffle” look. And the rest of the saddle is Rough Out with a “wavy river” border stamp around edges; it has a look similar to a rope design. Or all rough out.

Stirrups are 3” bell bottom with half-covered design and leather treads installed. And the stirrup leathers are permanently twisted to face forward and laced. This helps to relieve strain on the ankles and knees caused by stirrups that won’t face forward.


Free Shipping to 48 US states- for introductory offer- use discount code- saddle50 -at checkout for $50.00 to offset shipping fee. For all others outside the 48 states we will only charge you any cost above $50.00. Delivery can run 90-120 days. Always check with me may have one in stock or about done! AND WE HAVE PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE.



-15 1/2” or 16” seat, other sizes available
-Latigo saddle strings
-Mule hide horn wrap
-100% wool lined skirts
-Oregon Cross Over Rope lariat Strap
-Our pro weight latigo and off billet
-100% mohair cincha
-includes heavy weight harness flank/rear cincha
-Night latch included
-Blevins buckles on 3” stirrup leathers
-Weight is 35-38 pounds

“Cliff Wade Saddle” Dimensions:

  • Seat: 15-1/2” OR 16”
  • Swell: 9”
  • Horn: Wood Post, 3-1/2” H X 3-1/4” Cap (4” finished)
  • Cantle: Regular, 4” High, 1-1/2” Dish, 13” Wide
  • Gullet: 8” High X 6-1/4” Wide
  • Arizona Bars


Our “COWBOY COMMON SENSE” warranty is basically, the customer pays all shipping costs and we repair the saddle for free for an indefinite time. Lifetime support depends on our inspection of the saddle. Was it cared for or abused and neglected? Did the saddle fail vs. damage not related to normal use? Horse flips over, Roping heavy cattle, etc. we fix it. Falls off truck going down the highway, Fire damage, etc,. Sorry cannot warranty abuse, neglect or accidents.

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Matching Tack- BC68RO breast-collar-old-martingale-style ......Add now and save $30 - normally $171.50 for $141.50

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Concha styles, silver or brass to add on- See Here





Customer Reviews:

buckaroojohn  (Monday, 06 August 2012)
Rating: 5
The saddle arrived in perfect condition. I've ridden it several times over the last couple of weeks . It's great. IT fits me and my horse to a tee.
I've gathered cows in rough country, team roped,and penned on it. From the first ride it was very comfortable..... Thanks, Bill

buckaroojen  (Monday, 09 July 2012)
Rating: 5
I am loving my Buckaroo Leather Ranch Saddle! With it being shipping time, I've spent many hours and miles in it gathering cattle. I could not ask for
a more comfortable, well made saddle to be working in. Thank you for making such a great product!...Nicole

artichoke  (Monday, 04 June 2012)
Rating: 5
My custom Wade tree ranch saddle came about two weeks ago and is the most beautiful saddle ever! Over this short time I’ve ridden in it everyday and
had it on two different horses. Every ride it gets more comfortable and feels like I have been using it for years not days. On the third through
seventh rides I rode in it for four hours at a time and it was comfortable each day, even more comfortable than my very old saddle. It fits my horse
perfectly too. It gets noticed daily by other riders due to its beautiful details. I am so pleased that I was able to customize every part of the
saddle so I could have exactly the saddle I wanted. You were so helpful in the design part of creating this saddle and communicating with me during
the time it was being made. I have been recommending your company to everyone who is looking for new tack as I know they will be pleased with your
customer service and the products they receive. Thank you very much and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.....Abby  (Tuesday, 13 December 2011)
Rating: 5
I received my saddle a week ago after doing a lot of research, and shopping around, because I felt the saddle I have wasn't fitting my personal horse
well as he has matured. After talking with John I was sold on this saddle and couldn't be happier. The saddle is quality from top to bottom, it has
been comfortable from day one but getting even more so each day (used everyday since it came). The saddle fits my horse great, he seems more
comfortable than he has in some time.I have received many compliments on its quality and craftmanship. So glad I purchased this saddle, looking
forward to using for many years, and will definately return to Buckaroo Leather for my future quality tack needs. Remeber buy AMERICAN you be
disappointed with this one. Thank You Buckaroo Leather staff.rnrnJay QuinlanrnQuinlan Performance Horses.