Impressive Quality Leather on my sidepull bridle

I was so impressed by the quality of the leather, beauty and workmanship of my side-pull bridle made by Buckaroo leather.  When looking at many side-pull bridles on the market, I am so very happy I chose to go with Buckaroo and spend the extra dollars – it is so very worth it and is fantastic quality for the money.  I also really like the design.  I wanted something that looked sort of like a bridle, and some side-pulls can look really funny, but this looks just like a “normal” bridle from the front.  My gelding looks very handsome in it!

It looks like a piece of tack that will stay with me for the duration of my horse’s life!  I have a young horse who has never had a bit in his mouth, and I hope to keep it that way.  He is quickly getting used to this bridle.

Their customer service is equally impressive.  I had a problem with a small part of the bridle coming apart, and took a picture for them.  They quickly sent me a new piece.

I will look to buy any future tack that I need from Buckaroo Leather.

Thank you!

Erika Osmann - Colorado

Perfectly Bitless Bridle...Offers a Lot of Control!

I received my Michaella Perfectly Bitless Bridle the other day; Love it - great quality and gorgeous rawhide braiding - I like to compare it to a traditional 4 knot nose rope halter - but unlike the rope halters that are offered these days for riding bitless, this offers a LOT more control, will stand years of use, and can attach to a headstall of your choice. I think that's pretty neat. I like my bits and have collected several over the years, but I'm finding that giving my horses a break from the bit has made a huge difference in several ways!

ALSO I love the reins. Especially the quick attaching slobber straps. They are a fun piece - AND the replacement bit end ties and cowboy coasters were a pleasant surprise -THANK YOU!

You guys rock.......Emma Buttke


Great Recommendation..Buckaroo Leather

I've purchased a bosalito, bosal hanger and, most recently, an alpaca git down rope. All items are of highest quality, shipping is fast, and the people at Buckaroo Leather are great to deal with. The "bonus gifts" of coasters and leather ties are very welcome, also!!! Keep up the good work, y'all!!!!   T Easley

5 Star Service and Quality Cowboy Style Headstall

Buckaroo Leather has been making our signature side pull with the old cowboy style headstall and a cowboy bow browband with slobber straps and mecate reins. The Quality and Service we have received has been 5 star. Thank you Buckaroo for doing such an awesome job. Dennis Quilliams HorseSense and HorseManShip http://www.horsesense4u.com

Great Craftsmanship...Sue E

Hey John,

I wanted to send you some pictures of my Gypsy Horse Shamrock in his Buckaroo bridle and split reins. I love the quality of your products, and the comfortable split reins... Thanks again for your great craftsmanship!...Sue E

Love the Craftsmanship...

Hey John,

I wanted to send you some pictures of my Gypsy Horse Shamrock in his Buckaroo bridle and split reins. I love the quality of your products, and the comfortable split reins.

Thanks again for your great craftsmanship!....Sue E

I Highly Recommend Buckaroo Leather-Ken DeWitt

Due to the length of the cinch and width of the buckle I needed a custom made black rear cinch for Lucky's vintage parade saddle. Buckaroo Leather made this very quickly and it fits the saddle and Lucky perfectly. I highly recommend Buckaroo Leather - they have great products and workmanship as well as superior customer service.......Ken DeWitt