Yippie Kai Yay........

Yippie Kai Yay, we received our package today!

My wife and I were both very impressed with the quality of workmanship on the Indian hackamore, the braiding is perfect!

Thank you again for keeping up-to-date on the status of my order. Certain companies (which shall remain nameless) don't seem to value communication as highly as you obviously do.

I will gladly take your catalog to the boot and saddle school, and we will definitely be doing more business in the future (probably pretty soon!). J K Richard

Satisfied customer....

Hi John & the team. I received my order i want you know I'm fully satisfied with the quality of the items shipped. The lined split & trail rein are the best supple feel I have ever had in my hands. I'll have them broadly known and tested in France and will let you know. Thank you! regards. Marc & Francoise

Buckaroo Sidepull soft and easy to use....

The sidepull is just perfect. Very soft and easy to use. Dollar, my horse, likes bitless bridles and he will do great in the Buckaroo Sidepull.- Dan Files

TnT Ranch-Tom Davis Horsemanship

This is a great product and very usable.

This Bosal and mecate is a very well crafted. Tom has used it with everyday riding and also was able to use it during a ranch rodeo and one of his horsemanship clinics. The small bosal is great for leading and tying your bridle horse so to not put undo pressure on your horses mouth.

John Brand will treat you right and sell you quality tack and leather items for your horse.

Most anyone can find Tack to meet their particular demands on this website! Yet, for the rider who has needs for measurements, alterations or changes to bring their ideas to perfection, Buckaroo leather, has skilled craftsmen to meet their demands.

Tom and Traci Davis- TnT Ranch and Tom Davis Horsemanship-http://www.tomtra.com



Mecate Rein...a wonderful tool to use

Thank you!! I received my mecate rein, 23ft, Brown/Beige/black w Leather end!! It's light enough for me to handle!!! This will be a wonderful tool to use, just want I needed!! Sincerely Belinda L.Crissman

Loping Hackamore comfortable for my Horse....

I bought one of these to replace the rope halter I was riding with. The halter gave me great lateral control, but didn't stay in place well on those rare occasions I needed more pressure. It was good, but not perfect. The Loping Hackamore completes the concept. It gave me everything the rope halter did, plus more. From the first ride, my finished mare worked beautifully in it.Fast forward to my other mare (a rescue) that I had struggled with for some time. There was just something wrong. She didn't rein well and didn't stop, even stopping from a walk took a lot of pressure. She would stiffen and keep right on going. I tried everything I could think of. Other than this problem, this little mare was perfect. It gave every indication of being a training issue. This was frustrating because she didn't seem to be able to learn. The other day, I put the loping hackamore on her, instead of a halter or snaffle. About 1/4 mile down the road, she let out this big sigh. She then dropped her head (which wasn't high in the first place) and her whole body relaxed. The best part, when I took the slack out of the reins and said "Whoa", she stopped. When I asked her to back up, she dropped her head, rounded her back, and said, "How far?". Evidently the snaffle caused her pain--even though she eagerly opened her mouth when being bridled and gave no sign of discomfort. The rope halter must have also hit her high enough on her face to cause the same pain whenever it would ride up from pressure. This hackamore doesn't ride up--she found it perfect.The vet has been through her mouth on several occasions and we can't find an issue. But, the horse is always right. This mare goes in the Buckaroo Loping Hackamore from now on.

Cher Fayter- Quality Leather Testimonial

"I just thought you would like to know how good the quality of your leather is! I was going thru a box of leather that has been sitting in the top shelf of the tack room for over 22 years. As I was taking out the bad leather and conditioning the good leather for a keep/tack repair box I found an old black/red cinch breast collar. The cinches were completely gone but the "leather looked really good". I removed the leather and was conditioning it. right in the middle of this breast plate was a stamp Buckaroo Leather. Now that is quality leather

Cher Fayter