Carrie Snow

I love the Heart Spurs.  They are much better quality than the ones I got at the local tack store.  They will last me a lifetime and they are just beautiful.


Skystone Doug

This is one fine headstall! The workmanship flawless,the leather soft and silky smooth.It fits my horse perfectly.Paired with LR2887pro reins, it makes for a beautiful,durable and highly functional set. Thanks for making such fine products.

Skystone Doug


These are the finest reins I have ever used! Smooth,supple right out of the box and with the buckle ends it's a snap to change bits. Paired up with a LH2281pro headstall, you're good to go!

Skystone Doug

Caren Myers

I just received my order from Buckaroo Leather and I'm so happy! The rope halter is just the right color for Zip and the lead is long enough and has a good weight to it. I just LOVE the alpaca rein and slobber straps! They are beautiful, soft, and are not too big around for my small hands. If you want *quality* tack, check THEM out. You won't be disappointed.- Caren Myers

Karen Louya

Hi. I received my side pull bridle today. I was getting a little impatient waiting for it. When I opened the box, I was quite surprised. The bridle is awesome. Such soft leather with perfect stitching and over all very well made. Even nicer than I was expecting. I really like the style of the bridle and the rawhide at the crown piece and cheek is a nice touch. Very western, but will still look great with my English style saddle. Just gotta try it on my horse. Should fit fine. Thank you for such a well made product for a good price.   Karen Louya.


Love this quirt! very unique, I love having horse gear that that is different from what everyone is using and buckaroo leather is thanks so much - Tammy

Love Love Love the quality from buckaroo leather!! everything looks so good on my horse. I keep getting asked where did you get that, love you guys!! -Tammy

Awesome headstall!! Very soft and comfortable for my horse! Absolutely the best leather I have ever purchased! I will definitely have buckaroo leather products on my birthday and christmas list!! Cant wait for more!! -Tammy

Beautiful breast collar and very unique. Nice leather thanks so much!! - Tammy


The quality and workmanship are excellent. The concha stays centered over the back of my dog's neck and the black leather looks really nice on my red Doberman. The leather is comfortable on my hands.


The Leaders ties are High Quality

The Leader ties ARE HIGH QUALITY and you will not be disappointed! I have a trailer tie and lead tie and enjoy both. I purchased them because I

started a 6-year old and had concerns he might injure himself if he were to hang back. He turned out to be smart enough not to hang back, but I am

confident these leads would provide the right resistance to discourage hanging back without causing a wreck and you can release each easily when you

need to. The quality brass fittings are heavy and the trailer tie fitting is large for easy-release.