I 'm So Impressed with the Quality of the Leather Breast Collars

Recently purchased 2 of your pull style breast collars from your website. One with the heart conchos and one with the diamond. One was a gift for my husband and one for myself. LOVE LOVE them. I'm so impressed with the quality of them. Also purchased a bosal, hanger and mecate at the WSRRA finals in Winnemucca. Again, so impressed with the quality of your tack. I will be recommending your web site to friends that are looking for high quality leather products. Great meeting you in Winnemucca, I will be purchasing items from you again!! C. Buckingham

5 Stars for the Cotton Roping/Trail Rein

5 Stars for the Cotton Roping/Trail Rein.....

I absolutely love these reins. They are soft and flexible and the diameter, weight, and feel are perfect. The leather straps are super easy to connect and there are no metal clips to bang on the bit. I haven't found anything remotely comparable anywhere else and have had everyone who has touched them ask for more information. My last purchase ended up going to friends so I'm still using my originals. I use them for both trail and lessons and they have held up very well. 5 Stars also to Buckaroo’s customer service....Debbie




Buckaroo Leather... Excellent Customer Service

I am very satisfied with my new Buckaroo bitless bridle. Thank you for helping me get this order quickly, as I could not ride my horse in a regular bit because of a very bad summer sore on his mouth. I really appreciate your excellent customer service!

The bridle is very well made of a soft leather. It fit my Arab gelding very well and he was obviously very happy with it! I had no problems riding him in this bridle (we ride dressage), even though this was the first time I have ever ridden him without a bit. I would not hesitate to recommend this bridle to my friends......Margaret

Custom Cadillac Hackamore Set......

We are very happy with our new tack....Thanks again,....Riyadh and Susanne King!


Buckaroo Leather ...Your Unique Items are Such High Quality



Love the slobber straps with the buckle, so much easier to change the reins around if necessary. Didn't even know there was such a thing. And the leather is top quality. The buckles were almost a perfect match to the conchos on my chinks, which was an added bonus. Slobber straps have a rough life and not something you would want to have give way on you at a critical time. I don't feel like there is a remote possibility that is going to happen. They really are nice supple leather.

The spur straps I was particularly happy with because I have had trouble finding ones that would fit a ladies boot. No problem with these. And again the leather quality was trusty, supple, and easy for my hands to manipulate. It also wasn't a wrestling match ,using my teeth to get them on my spurs!!!

Thanks Buckaroo Leather for your unique items of such high quality. I will enjoy them for a long time!!! I'll be back, have my eye on several other items for the future!!!

Paula Walker, president, Western Dressage Association of Oklahoma

The Cincha is Gorgeous!

She dwarfs my western gear a bit! Thanks for the custom cincha Buckaroo Leather, it's gorgeous!..Teresa

Excellent craftsmanship and How To Video's

"Cowgirls (and cowboys) check out Buckaroo Leather Products website. They have some great products, fine, high-quality craftsmanship, and excellent videos about their products and other horse-related subjects. I just discovered that my sidepull was too low, covering my mare's nasal passages, thanks to one of their videos. Thanks, John!"...Cathy