Perfectly Matched, Weighted, Crafted Leather Reins...

Hi John! I love EVERYTHING about these reins!!! Perfectly matched, perfectly crafted, perfectly weighted, so soft and PERFECT. Thanks so much for such high quality Made In America products! Laura


Impressed with the Quality of the Leather and workmanship...

This is to John and the whole Buckaroo team. I just received my new breast collar and just have to tell you that I am so impressed with the quality of the leather and workmanship. I am a fairly new customer but I have made a couple prior purchases so I expected high quality...heck that is why I come back and will continue buying from you but this thing is really nice. You just don't find this quality hangin on the wall at every tack shop. I see stuff all the time that costs more but doesn't come close in quality. I can't wait to try this on Belle, my mare. Take care you guys and keep up the good work...David S

Quality Workmanship through out....on the Get-down rope & bosalito

Hey John, just wanted to send you a picture of the Get-down rope and bosalito I recently purchased from you. I love it and so does everyone who sees it. The Alpaca rope has an amazing feel to it. Quality workmanship through out. Can't wait to receive the headstall and reins next. A great company to deal with! Thanks & Happy Trails!.....Lucy

....the model below is my gelding Smart And Hollywood...aka Dagger.



Beautiful Liberty Rein.......

John made this beautiful Liberty Rein to fit my 13.2 hh pony Capri. It's soft, light and supple and exquisitely made. Thanks!....Anna


My Liberty Rein is perfect...soft, light and supple

John made a Liberty Rein to fit my 13.2 hh pony. It's perfect - it's soft, light and supple. I plan to use it from the ground first to continue to teach her to move from her shoulders instead of from her head and neck and will also use in in conjunction with my bridle to reinforce controlling her movement with her shoulders. It's is beautifully made and I love handling it!

Highly Recommended....Such a great, simple, effective concept

Highly recommended!! This is such a great, simple, effective and elegant concept. Sure will save wear and tear on my off-billets. I use one between the billet and the cinch D as that area often tends to wear even more quickly than at the saddle D-ring. Great customer service too! ....Tom Michigan

The headstall is a 5 star quality product...

This is a great headstall with a nice simple look to it. I have the 1 inch width in dark oiled latigo with the shorty Sliester hackamore attached that Buckaroo sells in the bit section. Both products are super quality and look great. One thing that you may want to note about split ear headstalls (all of them) is that when you slip your horses ear into the split it can cause the cheek piece on the one side to ride up closer to your horses eye. I personally just use it like a bosal hanger not using the split for the ear. That said, you will find this product to be of 5 star quality all the way.