Perfectly Bitless Bridle...Offers a Lot of Control!

I received my Michaella Perfectly Bitless Bridle the other day; Love it - great quality and gorgeous rawhide braiding - I like to compare it to a traditional 4 knot nose rope halter - but unlike the rope halters that are offered these days for riding bitless, this offers a LOT more control, will stand years of use, and can attach to a headstall of your choice. I think that's pretty neat. I like my bits and have collected several over the years, but I'm finding that giving my horses a break from the bit has made a huge difference in several ways!

ALSO I love the reins. Especially the quick attaching slobber straps. They are a fun piece - AND the replacement bit end ties and cowboy coasters were a pleasant surprise -THANK YOU!

You guys rock.......Emma Buttke