Impressive Quality Leather on my sidepull bridle

I was so impressed by the quality of the leather, beauty and workmanship of my side-pull bridle made by Buckaroo leather.  When looking at many side-pull bridles on the market, I am so very happy I chose to go with Buckaroo and spend the extra dollars – it is so very worth it and is fantastic quality for the money.  I also really like the design.  I wanted something that looked sort of like a bridle, and some side-pulls can look really funny, but this looks just like a “normal” bridle from the front.  My gelding looks very handsome in it!

It looks like a piece of tack that will stay with me for the duration of my horse’s life!  I have a young horse who has never had a bit in his mouth, and I hope to keep it that way.  He is quickly getting used to this bridle.

Their customer service is equally impressive.  I had a problem with a small part of the bridle coming apart, and took a picture for them.  They quickly sent me a new piece.

I will look to buy any future tack that I need from Buckaroo Leather.

Thank you!

Erika Osmann - Colorado