My Horse Sassy Lady Stood Taller with her Horse Tack On!!!!

Hello John,
The Buckaroo package arrived today and by the time I got home it had been ruthlessly torn open and inspected by wife and daughter in law. How dare I buy tack for my mare without saying anything to them. Never mind that I have bought every piece of tack they "own" and my girl looks like she wears hand me downs {except for her Tucker saddle}. The tack is beautiful and extremely well made. I think Sassy Lady even stood taller when I tried everything on her, knowing she's looking sharper than her sisters. As we both know, this won't last because the women in my life will be finding reasons that they need this, that and everything new from who else? but Buckaroo. Please thank everyone for me, it a pleasure doing business with you.
Thank you and keep your powder dry,
Chuck Perry
Painted Gaits Farm