Buckaroo Leather ...Your Unique Items are Such High Quality



Love the slobber straps with the buckle, so much easier to change the reins around if necessary. Didn't even know there was such a thing. And the leather is top quality. The buckles were almost a perfect match to the conchos on my chinks, which was an added bonus. Slobber straps have a rough life and not something you would want to have give way on you at a critical time. I don't feel like there is a remote possibility that is going to happen. They really are nice supple leather.

The spur straps I was particularly happy with because I have had trouble finding ones that would fit a ladies boot. No problem with these. And again the leather quality was trusty, supple, and easy for my hands to manipulate. It also wasn't a wrestling match ,using my teeth to get them on my spurs!!!

Thanks Buckaroo Leather for your unique items of such high quality. I will enjoy them for a long time!!! I'll be back, have my eye on several other items for the future!!!

Paula Walker, president, Western Dressage Association of Oklahoma