My Clydesdale Responds to her draft sized Bitless Sidepull

I just received my new draft sized Justin Dunn Mustang Horsemanship Side Pull, by Buckaroo Leather Products and I had to share with you guys! Fiona (9 year old rescue Clydesdale mare) has never had a bit in her mouth, and honestly, doesn't need one I have tried several different bitless styles with her...mechanical hackamore (she HATED it, and I don't really blame her, lol), cross-under bitless bridle, and Indian bosal style. The best one that I have used is a side pull. She just responds SO much better with it. It has the pressure points needed to get her to understand what it is that I want her to do. Here are some photos of it on her....Kathryn Ory of Ory Photography