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Git Down Rope w/Bosal & Hanger L505comp
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Git Down Rope w/Bosal & Hanger L505comp

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A great company to deal with! Thanks & Happy Trails! ...Lucy..her gelding Smart And Hollywood...aka Dagger modeling the get down rope with bosalito



Git Down Rope and 3/8" Pencil Bosalito with 1/2" harness leather Hanger headstall is a complete set. Pictured above- Get Down Rope is 18' long with leather popper.

Lead Get down rope & color options below:

3/8" Nylon Marine yacht braid with Beautiful Natural Rawhide Button with Tassel,

1/2" Cotton with natural rawhide button and cotton tassel, mane hair or

100% Alpaca. The Alpaca fibers used in these Reins are grown on a family ranch in South East Colorado. The Alpacas are sho

rn each year and the fibers are processed in the U.S. Each piece is hand made by these artists to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of each Rein.These Reins offer the Best Feel & Communication between you and your Horse....Bar None!

The 3/8"- 18ft Mane Horse Hair is from top notch 4th generation Mecate rope Makers from the Idaho Owyhee desert. They have kept the family art of Mecate making going by making these traditional type Mecates with a little twist in the Sheekaroo colors. Pencil Bosalito is 3/8" and 12 Plait Braid with a natural rawhide core in 3 choices;

1) Standard all natural rawhide braid.

2) Tighter fancy Vaquero with an all natural rawhide braid. This is the Cadillac model!!!

3) Fancy Vaquero braid 2-tone extra soft latigo black cheeks with soft burgundy leather nose and button, with black leath

er hanger headstall. Pictured left second from bottom.

4) Fancy Vaquero braid 2-tone Natural Rawhide cheeks with Black soft leather nose and button, with black leather hange

r headstall. Pictured left second from bottom.

5) Soft harness leather cheeks with natural tighter fancy braid vaquero noseband and button. Picture bottom left.

This complete unit is to be used in place of a halter and lead rope with a pencil bosal and hanger under a

bridle for leading. When you "get down" you have a lead.

If you just need a rope see our separate rope L505,  We have just added some great new colors!

Separate Bosalitos/Bosals can be seen at RW299.


Click here to watch the "How To" video on how to hook up the git down rope bosal.




Customer Reviews:

buckaroojen  (Tuesday, 17 January 2012)
Rating: 5
I absolutely love my bosalito and alpaca git down rope. It is very practical and looks very cool. I put it to good use. I will be back in touch. I am
really glad we found your website. My sister is looking to find a bit to suit her horse and has been in touch. We look forward to keeping in touch!-
Jane T

artichoke  (Monday, 24 October 2011)
Rating: 5
This is a great product and very usable.

This Bosal and mecate is a very well crafted. Tom has used it with everyday riding and also
was able to use it during a ranch rodeo and one of his horsemanship clinics. The small bosal is great for leading and tying your bridle horse so to
not put undo pressure on your horses mouth.

John Brand will treat you right and sell you quality tack and leather items for your

Most anyone can find Tack to meet their particular demands on this website! Yet, for the rider who has needs for measurements,
alterations or changes to bring their ideas to perfection, Buckaroo leather, has skilled craftsmen to meet their demands.

Tom and
Traci Davis- TnT Ranch and Tom Davis Horsemanship-

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