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Liberty Yacht Rope Rein
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Liberty Yacht Rope Rein

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The Buckaroo Bridleless Neck Yacht Rope Rein Liberty Collar (Cordero) allows you to train your horse to ride without a bridle. Great for relief from the bit! This collar is made from premium Hermann Oak Harness leather for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. The rein upper hand part is 5/8" wide and bottom neck part is 5/8" marine/yacht with just the correct weight. It is very adjustable to fit most any horse. Longest at 79" to shortest at 55". Choice of Plain working Harness (pictured) or Black Leather.

Horses do require extensive training before the Buckaroo Bridleless Rein Tack Collar should be used alone.

Click here to watch the "How To" video on this rein with Natural Horsemanship Trainer Farah DeJohnette


Customer Reviews:  (Monday, 14 May 2012)
Rating: 5
John made a Liberty Rein to fit my 13.2 hh pony. It's perfect - it's soft, light and supple. I plan to use it from the ground first to continue to
teach her to move from her shoulders instead of from her head and neck and will also use in in conjunction with my bridle to reinforce controlling her
movement with her shoulders. It's is beautifully made and I love handling it!