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Great Basin Splitear Headstall
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Great Basin Splitear Headstall

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Performance weight Hermann Oak Harness leather with extra hand finishing and engraved stainless steel hardware. This headstall is designed after the old Traditional styles used by the Great Basin Vaqueros also know as a Belt Headstall. A Split ear Headstall with heavy weight stainless buckle with loop and scalloped conchas at the bit end. Sizes available- 3/4", 1" or 1 1/4"-(this is a wide traditional size, used most often). The bit ends are 5/8" so it will fit any bit! This headstall is definitely made to last!

"THE RAGE OF THE SAGE" splitear headstall is available in Regular Horse, large horse, mule or draft horse sizes.




Customer Reviews:  (Friday, 25 May 2012)
Rating: 5
This is a great headstall with a nice simple look to it. I have the 1 inch width in dark oiled latigo with the shorty Sliester hackamore attatched
that Buckaroo sells in the bit section. Both products are super quality and look great. One thing that you may want to note about split ear headstalls
(all of them) is that when you slip your horses ear into the split it can cause the cheek piece on the one side to ride up closer to your horses eye.
I personaly just use it like a bosal hanger not using the split for the ear. That said, you will find this product to be of 5 star quality all the